Article 07 – Union Security and Dues

Date: Monday, March 9, 2015 | Category: | Author:

All employees shall become and remain members of the Union. Those Employee’s with a hire date prior to 2012, who are currently non-members, are excluded from this requirement.

Each employee shall be required, as a condition of continued employment, to pay to the Union a sum equal to the Union’s monthly dues as may be established from time to time. Such sums shall be deducted from the employee and remitted to the Union by the Company as mutually agreed upon in a timely manner.

The Union shall indemnify the Company and save it harmless from any and all claims which may be made against the Company by an employee or employees for amounts deducted from wages as provided by this Article.

It is agreed that when remitting dues, the Company is not required to identify specific amounts which relate to over-scale earnings of an employee assigned to Classification 11 (Anchor).

When submitting the remittance set out in Article 7.2, the Company shall provide to the Union, a statement showing the name of each bargaining unit employee, the total amount of dues deducted from each employee for the period and the gross earnings of each employee. In addition, such statement shall show the total amount of dues deducted from all bargaining unit employees as a group, with a further breakdown showing the portion of such dues that were deducted from base pay.

The Union shall admit to its membership any employee of the Company and shall not discriminate against any employee. 

The Company will allow the Union up to thirty (30) minutes of paid meeting time on the employer’s premises with new employees for the purpose of Union orientation. This time will be granted according to operational requirements and must be approved before taking place.