Article 43 – Health and Safety

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The parties agree to give proper attention to the health and safety of employees.  To this end, there shall be a safety committee made up of Company and Union representatives.

The Company shall make every effort to take immediate remedial action on safety procedures brought to its attention.  Matters of concern with regard to health and safety of employees shall be referred to the Safety Committee for discussion.

It is understood that an employee may refuse to work where they have reasonable cause to believe dangerous conditions prevail as described in the Canada Labour Code.  It shall be the employee’s responsibility to immediately notify their supervisor or the manager in charge of the work if such circumstances arise.  In the event that the appropriate supervisor or manager is not available, it shall be the employee’s responsibility to summon help, provided such help will eliminate or alleviate the hazardous situation. Refusal of work under provisions of this Article applies only to that part of the job considered hazardous.

The Company agrees to supply safety devices where conditions require their use and the employee shall wear or use such devices.

When transportation is provided to employees by the Company, the appropriate safety standards shall be observed.

The Company shall give consideration to the capabilities of an employee for an assignment involving climbing towers and ladders.

Subject to prior Company approval, those employees who pass and maintain the St. John’s First Aid Certificate or its equivalent shall be compensated for the cost of the instruction plus one-hundred dollars ($100.00) per year.  For the purposes of this Article the year shall be computed from the date of successful completion of the course.