Article 38 – Maternity and Parental Leave

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38.1 – Maternity/Parental Leave 
Employees with six (6) months or more of continuous service with the Company shall be granted child care or adoption leave without pay, as per the following:

  • Maternity (17 weeks)/ Parental (37 weeks, max 52 weeks for both) Personal
  • Eligible for income replacement for Maternity/Parental leaves
  • Supplemental Allowance Plan (up to 17 weeks for Maternity or up to 12 weeks Parental) 
  • Benefits plus EI replace 70% of the basic rate of pay

In addition, a Regular employee who has completed six (6) consecutive months of continuous employment with the Company and who meets the conditions of eligibility contained in the applicable Company practices, shall receive an allowance under the Supplemental Allowance Plan in accordance with these same practices.

The Company shall extend to employees on Maternity/Parental Leave, Group Benefits optioned by the employee prior to the leave, in accordance with the enrollment periods and criteria of the plan.

Should an employee be unable to return to work owing to complications related to the pregnancy, the employee shall be entitled to Illness Leave provisions as outlined in Article 37 of this Agreement.

Continuity of service for purposes of seniority shall be considered unbroken upon return to work in accordance with the period for which leave of absence is authorized

38.5 – Adoption and Parental Leave
Employees with one (1) or more years of service shall be granted three (3) days paid Adoption Leave at the time of the legal adoption of their child..

Employees with one (1) or more years of service shall be granted three (3) days of paid Parental Leave at the time their spouse/partner gives the birth to their child.