Article 33 – Travel and Expenses

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Use of Private Automobile

It is agreed that the use of an employee’s vehicle for Company business is voluntary and employees may decline to provide such use without penalty. However, employees may be requested and authorized by the Company to use their personal vehicles on Company business. No employee shall be required to modify their private vehicle in any way to accommodate such use. Further, no employee shall be required to carry Company equipment in the interior of their private vehicle if such use is likely to cause damage to interior coverings or furnishings such as upholstery. 

Subject to the provisions of Article 33.1, where an employee is assigned to report directly to a remote location and uses their personal vehicle, they shall be reimbursed for such travel in accordance with the provisions of Article 33.2, for all distance that exceeds their normal distance from home to usual place of work.

If an employee is authorized by their department manager or their designee to use their own automobile for transportation in connection with their duties, they shall be reimbursed at the rate current Bell Discretionary expense policy, as currently 44 cents per km. 

Distance shall be calculated from the usual place of employment to the destination and return. However, if duties terminate at destination, return miles claimable shall be actual distance from destination to home, less distance from home to usual place of employment.

Intentionally left blank.

The Company requires that employees drive motor vehicles in a safe and lawful manner. Accordingly, the Company shall not be responsible for violations or fines, or insurance deductibles attributable to the employee. However, the Company shall pay parking violations where the employee has reasonable cause for incurring such violation. 

In authorizing the use of a private automobile the Company assumes no liability to indemnify the user for any personal loss or injury which might be sustained as a result of such use and it remains the sole responsibility of the employee to provide adequate insurance protection. 

Business Insurance – The Company may reimburse an employee authorized to use their personal vehicle for Company business for the cost of Business Insurance placed on the employee’s automobile, up to a maximum cost of one-hundred dollars ($100.00) per year. The employee must obtain prior approval from the Company and submit a copy of their receipt for the Business Insurance premium.

Travel Conditions

The Company agrees to maintain its current practice regarding reimbursement for all reasonable expenses on out-of-town work assignments. An employee will receive either reimbursement for reasonable meal expenses, or meals at the expense of the Company, or a daily meal allowance. Where a daily meal allowance is provided, the amount shall reflect the current price of the Bell Discretionary expense policy currently as follows: 

Breakfast $ 15.00
Lunch $20.00
Dinner $30.00

Employees who are assigned to out-of-town locations where overnight accommodation is required shall be provided with reasonable, single room accommodation with a shower and/or bath. 

“Out-of-town” location shall be any point forty (40) kilometres beyond Metropolitan Calgary, or Metropolitan Edmonton.

An employee who is assigned to travel to an out-of-town assignment shall be credited with all time consumed in transit to and from the assignment.