Article 32 – Upgrading

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In the event that an employee is temporarily assigned to perform a job outside that to which they are normally assigned in a higher rated job classification, or to act in a supervisory position, they shall be paid as follows: 

  1. Where the temporary assignment is of a duration longer than one-half (½) a basic tour of duty - eighteen dollars ($18.00) per occasion; or
  1. Where the temporary assignment is of a duration of one-half (½) a basic tour or less – nine dollars ($9.00) per occasion. 
  1. At the time of such assignment, an employee shall be advised of their Temporary Upgrading and this shall be recorded on the employee’s pay record. 

Upgrading provisions shall also apply to any non-supervisory employee temporarily assigned by the Company to train another employee in the following circumstances: 

  1. Where the employee is being trained in a job to which they are not normally assigned or is brought in to learn a job; 
  1. Where the employee is being trained in new operational procedures or new equipment.

In the event that the accumulation of Temporary Upgrading in any one position or for any single employee exceeds ninety (90) days, the temporarily upgraded employee is then to be compensated at the salary group and level of the absent employee for a maximum period of twelve (12) months. 

The additional pay provisions set forth in section 32.1 of this Article shall not apply to part-time employees, nor shall they apply in cases where:

  1. The work on a higher job classification or non-bargaining unit job is for a period of less than one (1) hour during the tour of duty; or 
  1. The employee is assigned to work in a higher job classification or non-bargaining unit job for training or trial, for a maximum of twenty (20) working days, provided the employee is first notified of the condition relating to the assignment; or 
  1. An employee is covering the first day of accident or illness of another employee; or
  1. An employee is on a meal or break period; or 
  1. An employee, currently in a senior classification, assigned to perform the duties of a classification in an equal or lower group, other than that which they are normally assigned; or 
  1. An employee being job shadowed or assigned to work with, a practicum student or intern.

The additional pay provisions set forth in sections 32.1.1, shall apply to part-time employees as well.