Article 31 – Premiums

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31.1 – Call-back

  1. Any employee called back to work, having left their place of work on the day in question, shall be paid at one and one-half (1½) times their basic hourly rate with a minimum guarantee of four (4) hours.
  1. All hours worked in excess of four (4) hours during a call-back shall be paid at two (2) times the basic hourly rate.
  1. An employee who works more than four (4) hours on a call-back shall be entitled to the meal provisions as contained in Article 30.2 of this Agreement.
  1. Call-back on Christmas Day, notwithstanding the foregoing, shall be paid at the triple time (3X) rate.

31.2 – Stand-by

  1. Employees may be designated as being on “Stand-by”, which shall mean such employees are immediately available and able to return to work.
  1. An employee designated as being on Stand-by shall be paid a premium of one-quarter (1/4) times their basic hourly rate for those hours designated as Stand-by. The overtime provisions of Article 29.1 of this Agreement shall apply to actual hours worked if the employee on Stand-by is called to work, however, the call back provisions of Article 31.1 shall not apply. The Stand-by premium shall not apply to actual hours worked. 
  1. When an employee is designated as being on Stand-by and such designation is not provided to the employee by the end of their tour of duty prior to the Stand-by period, the employee shall be paid a premium of one-quarter (1/4) times their basic hourly rate in addition to the premium outlined in (2) above. 
  1. Any employee who is designated as being on Stand-by and who is not available for work when called during the Stand-by period shall receive no compensation for any hours of Stand-by. 

31.3 – Night Differential

  1. Employees who are scheduled to work tours of duty, any portion of which falls between 00:30 hours and 06:00 hours, shall receive a premium of two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) per hour for the hours so worked.
  1. The minimum differential payment under this Article shall be two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) per tour. Night shift differential shall not be deemed overtime or part of the base pay. 

31.4 – Turn Around Period

  1. An employee who works regularly posted tours of duty shall be entitled to a minimum of twelve (12) consecutive hours off from the end of the last work performed, before resuming work on a new tour.
  1. An employee who does not receive the minimum off duty hours specified in (1) above shall be paid a Turn Around Premium of one-half (½) times the basic hourly rate in addition to their salary, for the hours worked during what would have otherwise been off duty time.
  1. Notwithstanding the provisions of (1) and (2) above, the Turn Around Premium shall not apply:
    1. Where one or more employees request or agree to a shift change or shift pattern and such change is approved by the supervisor, or 
    2. On a shift where an employee is released from duty or re-scheduled to attend negotiations or grievance meetings with management. 
  1. An employee is entitled to sixty (60) consecutive hours off when two (2) regularly scheduled days off fall between tours of duty, and is entitled to thirty six (36) consecutive hours off when one (1) regularly scheduled day off falls between tours of duty.  This shall not apply as a result of an employee’s regular rotating shift pattern, which occurs in conjunction with their days off.