Article 17 – Seniority

Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 | Category: | Author:

Notwithstanding the adjustment to article 17.1 below, the Lethbridge employees are fully covered by the terms of the collective agreement.

Union Seniority shall be defined as the length of continuous full-time equivalent employment from the last date of hire with the Company.  Company service shall be determined by the net credited service as shown on the Company records. The Union seniority lists for Calgary, Lethbridge and Edmonton shall be considered separate for all purposes.

Union Seniority will accumulate during any approved leave of absence, except as provided in this Agreement. Union Seniority shall not accumulate during lay-off. 

Union Seniority rights of an employee shall cease, all rights forfeited and they shall be deemed terminated for any of the following reasons:

  1. Leaves of their own accord or is retired;
  1. Is discharged;
  1. Where they have been laid off and not re-called to work within the time periods set forth in Article 20.8; 
  1. They overstay any leave of absence granted by the Company; 
  1. Fails to return to work within seven (7) calendar days from the date the notice to return was delivered to the employee’s last known address.

Union Seniority rights shall apply only to layoffs, re-call of laid off employees, promotions, transfers, salary administration, refusal of overtime and allocation of vacations. However, in respect of promotions and transfers, the application of Union seniority rights shall be in accordance with Article 18.3 of this Agreement.