Appendix C – Training and Development

Date: Sunday, April 10, 2016 | Category: | Author:


The Parties to the Collective Agreement recognize the need to encourage employees to upgrade and enhance their basic skills in order to meet the challenges presented by changes in the broadcasting industry and the potential for their jobs to become redundant. 

Having regard for the foregoing, the Company agrees it shall make a reasonable effort to assign full time employees to fill part-time/temporary vacancies (that need to be filled) as such occasions arise, subject to the following:

1. Where it is known at least five (5) working days in advance that a temporary vacancy will be filled, the Company shall notify all interested employees as far in advance as is reasonably possible of such vacancy. It is further agreed that the Company shall attempt, where possible, to transfer interested employees to temporary positions of which the Company has less than five (5) working days advance notice. 

2. To be eligible for transfer to a temporary position, an employee must:

  1.    Notify the Company in advance, in writing, of their desire to work in another job or jobs on a temporary basis;
  1.    Meet the educational requirements for the job in question;
  1.    In the opinion of the Company, be capable of performing the work in question after being given reasonable assistance.

3. Where an employee has been deemed to be incapable of performing the temporary job in question and in the opinion of the Company, there is a reasonable expectation that they will become capable with appropriate training, the Company shall make a reasonable effort to provide such training to assist the employee in meeting the job requirements when future temporary opportunities arise. Such training may be provided during the employee’s non-working hours or during idle periods of a working shift. 

4. Where more than one employee requests a transfer to the same temporary position, the Company shall transfer the most senior applicant, provided such applicant meets all other criteria contained herein.

It is agreed that the Parties will encourage employees to initiate additional job training during non-working hours, to enroll in off the job training programs that may be available and to discuss their career goals with their Department managers. The Company agrees to provide reasonable financial assistance to employees who obtain prior approval, for the cost of course fees and/or materials. 

The Union agrees to consider, on an individual basis, the provision of waivers regarding hours of work and scheduling provisions of the Collective Agreement, where such waivers will encourage on the job or own time training at no additional cost to the Company and further provided that the individual affected is in Agreement. 

It is agreed that the Parties’ representatives shall meet as required during the term of the Collective Agreement to assess the implementation of the provisions of this Letter, to review changing industry conditions and to discuss the impact those changing conditions may have on the Company and its employees. Either party may terminate this letter of understanding upon provision of one month’s notice to the other party or this letter of understanding shall not be subject to the grievance and arbitration procedure.