Article 08 – Non-discrimination

Date: Monday, March 9, 2015 | Category: | Author:

The Company and the Union agree that neither party will interfere with, restrain or coerce the employees covered by this Agreement because of membership or non-membership, or activity or non-activity on behalf of the Union.

The Company will not discriminate in respect to hiring, tenure of employment or any term of employment against any employee covered by this Agreement because of membership in or non-membership in or lawful activity on behalf of the Union, nor will it encourage or discourage membership in the Union. 

Employees shall enjoy equal rights under this Agreement regardless of sex, color, racial, ethnic or national origin, religious or political affiliation, or sexual orientation.

The Union agrees that it will not discriminate against any employee because of their non membership in the Union.

The Union will not take action against a member of the bargaining unit who is employed in a supervisory capacity unit for any action taken when carrying on such supervisory duties for the Company, but this shall not be construed to prevent the filing of a grievance in respect of grievable actions of any such employee who is acting in a supervisory capacity in carrying on their duties for the Company. 

The Company and the Union acknowledge that every employee of the Company is entitled to employment that is free of discrimination and sexual harassment as defined in the Canadian Human Rights Act. The Company and the Union shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that no employee is subjected to such actions in the workplace. 

Upon request, News employees shall be given the reason for substantive changes to their material.  Where, in the Company’s opinion it is possible to do so, such reasons will be given before broadcast. 

No criticism or retraction of an employee’s work will be broadcast without first presenting such criticism or retraction to the employee, where, in the Company’s opinion, it is reasonably possible to do so.