Article 06 – Management Rights

Date: Monday, March 9, 2015 | Category: | Author:

The Union acknowledges that the Company has the exclusive right to manage the affairs of the Company and that all rights shall remain exclusively with the Company except as modified by a provision of this Agreement. Without restricting the generality of the foregoing the Union acknowledges that it is the exclusive right of the Company: 

  1. To set the broadcasting policy and broadcasting standards of the Company;
  1. To hire, promote, demote, lay off, transfer, reclassify and suspend employees; and also the right of the Company to discipline or discharge any employee for just cause, provided that a claim by an employee, who has acquired seniority, that they have been disciplined, discharged or suspended without cause, may be the subject of a grievance and dealt with as hereinafter provided.

The Union further acknowledges the right of the Company to operate and manage its business, control its properties and maintain order on its premises in all respects in accordance with its commitments and responsibilities. The direction of the working forces, the amount and type of supervision necessary, the number and types of machines and technical equipment, procedures and standards of operations, the content of programs, judgement and evaluation of personnel qualifications, the right to decide on the number of employees needed by the Company at any time, operating schedules and the selection, procurement, design and engineering of equipment which may be incorporated into the Company’s plant, including the change of any or all of the foregoing, from time to time, control over all operations, buildings, machinery, equipment and employees, are solely and exclusively the responsibility of the Company.

All of the above shall be exercised subject to the terms and limitations of the provisions of this Agreement.