Article 48 – Transfer of Work

Date: Monday, April 4, 2016 | Category: | Author:

The Union recognizes the Company‚Äôs right to transfer or assign any work or functions performed by bargaining unit employees to other operations or facilities owned by, or associated with CTV Television Inc.  Where such transfer or assignment of work or functions will result in bargaining unit jobs being abolished, the following shall apply: 

  1. The Company shall determine the number of jobs to be abolished. The abolition of jobs shall proceed in the inverse order of seniority of those employees within the job classification affected. Layoffs resulting from such transfer of work shall be in accordance with the provisions of Article 20 of this Agreement. 
  1. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 20.3 of this Agreement, where such layoff is the result of the transfer or assignment of work or functions, the Company shall provide not less than four (4) months advance notice of layoff, or pay in lieu thereof.
  1.  An employee who receives notice of lay-off as set out in (2) above, shall notify the Company of his/her intention to invoke his/her seniority rights within a period of not more than fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt of such notice.
  1. An employee who has been given notice of lay-off pursuant to this Article and who cannot, or elects not to invoke seniority rights pursuant to this Agreement shall receive severance pay, based on three (3) weeks regular pay for each full year of continuous service to a maximum of sixty eight (68). This maximum severance must match the maximum severance outlined in Article 20.6; if the numbers differ the maximum stated in Article 20.6 will prevail.

A full-time employee who is willing to accept voluntary severance shall within ten (10) calendar days make their intentions known, in writing, to the Company, with a copy to the Union.  The Company will consider and determine which, if any, voluntary severance offers will be exercised.  Voluntary severance pay will be based on three (3) weeks regular pay for each full year of continuous service to a maximum of sixty three (63) weeks.  Article (2) above shall not apply in this circumstance.

In the event that at any time within four (4) months following the issuance of notice as per this Article (transfer of work), the Company determines it will implement further layoffs as a result of transfer or assignment of work or functions, any employee who accepted voluntary severance under the provisions of this Article, shall be entitled to an additional four (4) months pay.  This provision shall only apply to those employees who were assigned to the classification originally affected by the transfer of work or functions.