Article 41 – Training and Education

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The Company recognizes the value of training and vocational development and agrees to provide employees in the bargaining unit with opportunities to participate in programs that will enhance the employee’s broadcast skills. The Company shall post notification of such opportunities on all Company bulletin boards.

The Company may grant leave without pay and may pay all or a portion of registration and tuition fees, or course materials, of an extension course or seminar which has been approved by the Company and which relates to the type of work done by the employee. The Company agrees that it shall give fair and equitable consideration to all applications under this Article. All such applications shall be directed to the office of the Senior Consultant, Human Resources or their designate.

Any employee who takes any instructional course as set forth in Article 41.2 above provided for by the Company and who subsequently terminates their employment with the Company within two (2) years after the completion of such instruction, shall be obliged to repay the Company any unamortized portion of its costs. The Company shall amortize such costs monthly over a period of twenty-four (24) months. Costs repayable under this Article shall be limited to costs incurred by the Company for transportation, accommodation, meals, registration and tuition.

When an employee is requested by the Company to obtain vocational instruction as a job requirement, the Company shall pay for all registration and tuition fees and course materials involved in such instructional courses. While such employees are attending such instructional courses at the Company’s request, the employees shall be paid at their regular salary rate and all overtime and premium provisions contained in Articles 26, 27, 28, 29, and 31 shall be waived. In the event such instructional courses are held at a location more than forty (40) kilometers from the city limits, the Company shall pay all reasonable expenses of the employee, including transportation, accommodation, meals and gratuities.

Any leave requested or granted pursuant to this Article shall be subject to the operational requirements of the Company.

The Company shall provide an employee on the occasion of his/her first employment with appropriate supervised job function familiarization.

An employee who is designated to supervise a trainee, or familiarization of another employee, shall be given time during their regular tour of duty to perform such training, or shall be paid at the appropriate overtime rate if the training takes place outside of the basic tour of duty.

The Parties agree that the determination as to which employees shall be granted training or shall be requested to take training shall be at the Company’s discretion and shall not be subject to the grievance procedure contained in this Agreement.

When new technology related to any of the job classifications covered by this Agreement is introduced, the Company shall provide for employee’s training and/or familiarization as deemed appropriate with respect to such new technology when employees are required to work with such technology.