Article 29 – Work on Days Off

Date: Monday, March 14, 2016 | Category: | Author:

When an employee works on a scheduled day off, work performed on that day shall be compensated as follows:

  1. On the first day off, one-and-one-half  (1½) times the basic rate for the first four (4) hours worked; and two (2) times the basic rate for hours worked in excess of four (4) hours overtime, with a minimum credit of four (4) hours.
  1. On the second day off provided the first day off has been worked, an additional one-half (½) times the basic rate in addition to the rates outlined in (1) above, with a minimum credit of four (4) hours. 
  1. In the event an employee is entitled to more than two (2) consecutive days off and work is performed on more than one (1) of such days off, all work on any subsequent days off shall be paid at an additional one-half (½) times the basic rate, with a minimum credit of four (4) hours. 

Nothing herein precludes an employee and their supervisor from mutually agreeing to change an employee’s scheduled day off and in such case the overtime provision as in Article 29.1 shall not apply. 

This Article is subject to Article 35.3 with respect to work on a paid holiday.