Article 24 – Outside Activities

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The first professional obligation of the employee shall be to the Company. 

Employees shall be free to engage in outside activities, in accordance with the following conditions: 

  1. Such activities shall not be in direct competition with the business interests of the Company; and
  1. The employee shall not utilize, without prior written permission of the Company, any connection with the Company in the course of such activities; and 
  1. Such activities shall not adversely affect the performance of the employee’s duties for the Company; and
  1. Such activities shall not be conducted during hours for which the employee is receiving compensation from the Company. 

For the purposes of this Article, “direct competition with the business interests of the Company” shall be defined as any activity for remuneration involving the preparation or transmission of material for broadcast, cable or satellite distribution; or any activity involving the preparation of material for any print medium with which the Company is competing for advertising revenue; or any activity or analysis involving sales of television commercial time.

An employee shall advise the Company in advance and in writing when they intend to engage in activities specified in Article 24.2 (1) through (4) above. An employee shall be required to cease an outside activity which violates one or more of the criteria in Article 24.2 (1) through (4) above, except where the Company waives such criteria in writing. 

No employee shall be entitled to any Illness Leave for any injury or illness arising out of or related to outside activities covered by this Article.