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Hello Members,

As you all know, December 31, 2017 is the day our current CBA expires so now is the time for you all to think about what improvements
you might like to see included in our next deal.
We will also need to get a bargaining team together. This is something we would like to do at our April GM.

If you have any ideas on improvements to our contract you can send those to any member of the executive:

Amy Stalker
Richard Benoit        Kelsey Carter
Cindy Collins           Brad Pearson
Miranda White       Shane Blyan
Jeff Robertson        Dawn Beattie

If any of you would like to sit on the bargaining committee and would like to know more about the committment that involves
you can talk to any of these people:

Amy Stalker          Dawn Beattie
Richard Benoit     Adrienne Lee
Bill Macfarlane

There are also local union executive positions that are up for election in April. They are Vice president in both CGY and EDM as well as secretary and associate secretary. If you are interested in more information on any of these positions you can contact any member of the executive.

Amy Stalker
Richard Benoit       Kelsey Carter
Cindy Collins          Brad Pearson
Miranda White      Shane Blyan
Jeff Robertson       Dawn Beattie

I mentioned at the GMs in both CGY and EDM that I was going to Toronto to participate in a Joint Labour Committee discussion with two members from Bell HR. This meeting took place February 17. I can tell you it was a good discussion, a good get to know you session and both sides look forward to more meetings to resolve any issues before they become big problems. We did ask about the layoffs and were told it was the result of the continuing financial pressures Bell faces. There was also a question about the pay stubs and how confusing they can be to read and understand. If there is anything you’d like clarification on – you can email your questions to me and I will pass them along.

I also mentioned the Media Action Plan. If you would like more information about what this group is up to you will find that on the website

In Solidarity,

Amy Stalker